What is that?
Safe browser is an opportunity to inform our visitors unobtrusively to switch to a newer browser.

There are all these great new web development standards and they are supported by modern browsers... but you may not use them.

Old browsers are slow and more likely to crash. But, every time your browser is upgraded, your browser becomes faster, meaning that the time you spend waiting for pages to load will be minimal.
Why am I here?
You might wonder what is the purpose of this website.

Well, you are here to get informations about the newest browsers and find out the reasons you have to update them for your own good.
Free to use
This page is free to use. You can learn about the threats of old browsers, and you will be convinced to switch to a newer browser.
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If you are interested to help us with the content, or to translate this website to more languages, don’t hesiτate to contact us.

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